Top 5 4K Software Video Players for PC/Mac


5KPlayer – New style 4K and 8K video player

5kplayerAs a media player which plays 4K and 8K videos, 5KPlayer has got a really good reputation among both Windows and Mac users and it is still emerging. With solid 4K UHD playback ability, this free 4K video player is open to play all 4K movies as well as 4K videos songs free download and play. And the major role of this best 4K player is to play 4K, 8K videos and other UHD videos for free.

Besides playing 4K videos, 5KPlayer can also download 4K, 5K and 8K videos from YouTube and supports cross screen 4K video enjoyment, aka, stream 4K content from Mac/PC to Apple TV. For the sake of 4K video content, you own it to yourself this decent 4K player. More information and download are available on 5KPlayer site.


DivX Player – Smooth 4K playback

divx-playerDivX Player is also one of the best 4K video players for Windows and Mac. This 4K video player includes all important DivX codec pack and comes with every 4K films you can watch in DivX, MKV, and HEVC. This is a player you want to download for 4K movies, TV shows playback. But DivX Player only supports to play videos up to res at 4096 X 2160. More information and download are available on DivX Player site.


PowerDVD – fascinating 4K Home Theatre experience but way too expensive

powerdvdThis is not a free 4K video player software, but the ultimate 4K experience makes PowerDVD worth its price. PowerDVD renders movies better than anything else available, and does so without even loading shades, tweaking contrast and saturation, and so on. When it comes to 4K video playback, this 4K video player only takes litter CPU utilization with any reasonably modern processor is quite low. CyberLink PowerDVD Ultra comes at a cost of around $70. More information and download are available on CyberLink PowerDVD site.


VLC – open source 4K video player

vlcVLC is widely known for its cross-platform supports as well as the wide range of video formats supports. This open sourced media player is one of the most popular 4K video player that recognized by many users. Even though VLC has problems of playing HEVC 4K videos, with its powerful distortion and field-of-view-correction functions this powerful 4K video player lets you enjoy 4K ultra HD media to the greatest extent. However, VLC should fix the audio delay problem soon, because it’s really a major problem to stop users downloading this free 4K video player. More information and download are available on VLC site.


Media Player Classic – a robust 4K video Home Cinema player 

media_player_classicMedia Player Classic is another 4K video player available for Windows system and actually plays 8K videos better than VLC. This 4K player is very easy to manipulate when playing 4K files. Just start up the application by double-clicking the desktop shortcut, and then open the 4K UHD video you want to watch per the on-screen instructions, or simply drag and drop a 4K UHD video directly onto the playback screen, then you can sit back and enjoy 4K videos even on a smaller computer screen. More information and download are available on Media Player Classic site.

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