4K Projectors

Sony VPLVW600ES 4K Projector 

If you demand a stunning media viewing experience with perfect clarity, the Sony VPLVW600ES is the unit for you. Its 1,700 lumens make images easy to see, even in daylight, and its high contrast ratio lets every color vibrantly pop.



JVC DLAX900RKT 4K Projector

The JVC DLA-X900RKT PREMIUM THX features an intelligent lens aperture that works to give you optimal contrast ratio, creating a vivid, crisp screen image. You’ll also enjoy built in conversion capabilities for 1080p content.



JVC DLAX700R 4K Projector

The JVC DLA-X700R offers a comprehensive array of fine tuning options, for a perfect, tailored picture. This projector has passed the prestigious THX certification process, so you can trust it to deliver superlative sound quality.



Sony VPLVW1100ES 4K Projector

If you’re looking for the highest quality 4K image display on the market, then the Sony VPLVW1100ES is the way to go. It creates a phenomenal, fully immersive experience, and has a lamp life rated at a minimum of 2,500 hours.



JVC DLAX500R 4K Projector

The JVC DLAX500R is a highly capable projector that supports 2 to 4K up-conversion and a wide variety of 3D content playback. Its user-friendly lens has adjustable presets to personalize use. This is one of the better-priced options.


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