Everything you need to know about 4K projectors


4K Projectors are Home Entertainment digital cinema systems that offer you the ability to project photo or video content onto any vertical blank space. The main difference between 4K Projectors and conventional home theater HD projectors is that the former offer far sharper 3,840 x 2160 pixel resolution and usually also include a whole host of beefed up visual rendering features that cheaper HD projectors simply don’t have.

In essence, what 4K Projectors give you is the ability to take native 4K content and project them onto your house walls at any one of a number of flexible screen sizes. These can range from just 55” inches in diagonal width to a whopping 300” inch home theater sized image that feels almost exactly like a mini home theater.

Aside from the obvious differences in design and setup, a 4K projector and 4K TVs differ mainly in price and overall quality. With a projector, you’re investing in a genuinely designed home theater system by the classical definition of such and the cost of these machines reflects that. Almost across the board, 4K Projectors will definitely cost you more than their TV counterparts and often have price tags that are several times higher than those of even a very high priced Samsung or Sony 4K TV.


However, despite their price, what UHD projectors offer over UHD TVs is a distinctly flexible setup that allows you to install them in much smaller spaces than many TVs, adjust their screen size to any one of a number of ranges and of course move them much more easily since instead of weighing the 90+ pounds that a larger 4K TV weighs, they usually only heft out at 25 pounds or so.

Finally, in terms of image quality, what you’ll get with your projector is absolutely outstanding. These machines are designed with resolution and image rendering features that totally leave things such as hazy visuals and faded projections behind. They deliver a visual clarity that is at least as good as or possibly even better than that of their TV counterparts, it’s certainly less prone to physical damage to the internal screen components, since there aren’t any.

4K Projectors suffer from the one major detriment of not being cheap at all. High grade consumer projectors that currently exist on the market easily cost at least $10,000 USD and some such as the Short Throw Projector from Sony cost above $35,000 USD. These gadgets are still in the price range of serious, affluent home theater lovers, but they definitely deliver an enormous bang for their buck.

If you really want the best in home entertainment and want it to be ready for the 4K future, then yes, projectors are quite possibly the best product on the market today. If however your budget is a lot tighter than their costs, then you’re much better off simply going for a 4K TV. It offers the same visual quality at a much smaller price and your only major sacrifice will be the exquisitely large display space which a projector offers.

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