Best 4K Hindi / Tamill / Bollywood Movies

Best 4K Hindi Movie – Shamitabh (2015)


This movie, one of the best 4K movies in India Bollywood, is about a unique story that two very different people get together for the same purpose but drift apart for their egos. It is remarked by users as “Amazing movie after a long time by Bollywood”, “A Spirited Tribute To The Baritone Voice Of Bollywood”.


Best 4K Tamil Movie – Bang Bang (2014)


2014 a song Bang Bang from Jessie J got popular, in the 4K movies list one of the 4K Tamil/Hindi movie from the same year with the same name also received good buzz. Bang Bang, one of the best Bollywood action movies stunning 4K effects, breathtaking stunt, gorgeous man & hottest belle! It is a must watch for those who want to enjoy the best Bollywood movies in 4K resolution.


Best Hindi/Tamil 4K Movie – Kick (2014)


A excellent Bollywood movie with awesome production level, which is regarded as at par with Hollywood action flicks. This Tamil movie focuses on a man named Kalyan who wants his life to be full of thrills. The 4k image quality makes the city spectacles vivid. It’s a good entertainer movie for a weekend.

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